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Viola Shoulder Rest Kun Collapsible 5/4

The Kun Collapsible fits 15" to 17" violas, and it's unique design allows feet to collapse down onto rest for easy storage
R 880,00 R 705,00

Viola Shoulder Rest Kun Super 5/4

The Kun Super fits 15" to 17" violas and is one of our most popular shoulder rests.
R 800,00 R 660,00

Violin Shoulder Rest Kun Mini 1/4-1/8

The practical, uncomplicated design of the Kun Original Mini shoulder rest is based on Kun's earliest handmade model.
R 625,00 R 535,00

Violin Shoulder Rest Kun Mini Collapsible 1/4-1/16

Upon its introduction, the Kun Collapsible 1/4 - 1/16 quickly became the shoulder rest of the future.
R 680,00 R 575,00