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Beyerdynamic TG V50 Wired Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Beyerdynamic TG V50 aims to be the new standard in live vocal reproduction. This affordable dynamic mic boasts a wider frequency response than the competition to deliver lifelike lead vocals to your audience.
R 2 020,00 R 1 600,00

Sennheiser XS1 Wired Dynamic Vocal Microphone

This rugged, entry-level mic brings Sennheiser quality to applications ranging from solo vocals to choir miking and speech.
R 995,00 R 795,00

Shure BETA 57A Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Set it down, hook it up, and start recording with your Shure The Shure BETA®57A is a high output supercardioid dynamic microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording.
R 4 319,00 R 3 250,00