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Picture of Nuvo Clarinéo 2.0

Nuvo Clarinéo 2.0

The NUVO Clarinéo 2.0 is a clarinet in the key of C and is ideal for young starters ages 4 to 12 years.
R 6 295.00 R 4 995.00
Picture of Nuvo jFlute 2.0 - White with Blue Trim

Nuvo jFlute 2.0 - White with Blue Trim

The Nuvo jFlute 2.0 is the ideal "first flute" for ages 4 to 10
R 6 295.00 R 5 050.00
Picture of Nuvo jSax 2.0 - Black

Nuvo jSax 2.0 - Black

The jSAX is lightweight and super-durable and is 100% waterproof making it very suitable for the classroom as well as a fun travel instrument.
R 3 995.00 R 3 195.00
Picture of Nuvo Student Flute 2.0

Nuvo Student Flute 2.0

The Nuvo Flute series has been highly acclaimed by teachers and professional musicians around the world.
R 5 675.00 R 4 800.00
Picture of Nuvo jHorn

Nuvo jHorn

The jHorn provides the opportunity to learn important “brass” skills from as young as 4 years old.
R 6 095.00 R 4 850.00
Picture of Nuvo Recorder+

Nuvo Recorder+

The Nuvo Recorder+ introduces innovation to the recorder. The patented silicone key flaps make it easier for children to completely cover the tone holes, decreasing the likelihood of squeaks.
R 488.00 R 385.00
Picture of Nuvo DooD 2.0

Nuvo DooD 2.0

The NUVO Dood is a brand new concept for single reed music performance. A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the Dood is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age.
R 1 185.00 R 850.00
Picture of Nuvo TooT 2.0

Nuvo TooT 2.0

Similar in nature to the fife, the Nuvo TooT has a slightly wider bore which allows the instrument to be a little shorter and brings the tone holes closer to the body - great for shorter arms!
R 1 185.00 R 850.00
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