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Violin Rosin

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Violin Rosin Pirastro Eudoxa

Eudoxa rosin is a premium rosin which will bring out the best of the strings.
R 280.00 R 235.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold

Evah Pirazzi Gold rosin increases the ease of response in the softer dynamic range and maximises the ability of the instrument to react to bow impulses.
R 460.00 R 400.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Gold

Pirastro Gold Rosin for Violin or Viola, is a professional grade rosin.
R 250.00 R 215.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Goldflex

Pirastro Goldflex Rosin is a slightly harder rosin mixed with gold dust.
R 300.00 R 260.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Obligato

Forest honey colours. Mellow, rounded sound.
R 225.00 R 202.50

Violin Rosin Pirastro Oliv Evah

Dark olive colour. Relatively soft, low dust forming, big sound, good grip with low noise.
R 295.00 R 265.50

Violin Rosin Pirastro Piranito

An attractively priced, simple and good rosin for beginners.
R 150.00 R 125.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Schwartz

A dark, hard rosin suited for steel strings.
R 170.00 R 153.00