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Violin Rosin

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Violin Rosin Sandner #3

25g Rosin for for Violin, Viola and Cello
R 35.00 R 30.00

Violin Rosin Sandner #5

40g Rosin for for Violin, Viola and Cello
R 65.00 R 55.00

Violin Rosin Pirastro Schwartz

A dark, hard rosin suited for steel strings.
R 240.00 R 192.00

Violin Rosin Hidersine 6V

Considered by many as the Deluxe option, Hidersine 6V Rosin is a Premium Dark Rosin offering superior levels of grip and articulation.
R 205.00 R 184.50

Violin Rosin Super Sensitive Hypo-Allergenic - Purple

Made from a synthetic resin compound, containing no pine rosin.
R 245.00 R 160.00