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Lovemore Music Centre is the only retail outlet in Gauteng with its own in-house workshop. Each of our instruments is supplied with a comprehensive 12 month guarantee and we provide a free 6 month service on all instruments. Consequently you can purchase with complete peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that we will maintain your instrument free of charge for 1 year.

Musical instruments are expensive to purchase but with the correct maintenance and care your valuable investment will provide years of optimum playing pleasure. Our fully trained technicians are on hand for all brass, woodwind and string repairs.

Workshop Pricelist 2023

Lovemore's in-house workshop is manned by a team of specialists with over 25 years experience. Here they are, from left to right, David Zimba, Pharoah Zimba and Nthabiseng Sukazi.



Our resident workshop specialists offer the following services:
  • Woodwind overhauls 
  • Woodwind services 
  • Setting up of string instruments
  • Dent removal
  • Crack repair
  • Brass services
  • Bow re-hair
School holidays, half terms and long weekends are always popular times to have instruments worked on, so please book instruments into our workshop as early as possible to avoid disappointment. While we do understand that you need your instrument to play on, some work does take a few days to be completed professionally. We will always endeavour to ensure that pupils are ready for their exams and that instruments are available for that important event. Accidents do happen!! 
Here are some examples of instruments before and after repair:
Here are some tips to reduce the chances of damaging your instrument: 
  • The safest place for your instrument when not in use is its case. If you don’t want to put it away keep it on an instrument stand.
  • Never leave your instrument on a chair, bed, music stand or with a section of the instrument sticking out past the ed​ge of a table.
  • Woodwind instruments must be swabbed (dried) after use to save the life of the pads.Don't keep the damp cloth in the case with the instrument as this defeats the point of drying the instrument.
  • Don't use silver or brass polish on flutes to keep them shiny - rather polish them with a silver polishing cloth which we can supply at a minimal cost. Silver or brass polish commonly results in the bending of keys and damage to pads.
  • Replacement of pads can be an unnecessarily expensive exercise.Try to avoid holding your instrument on the keywork when assembling or taking it apart.
  • If your instrument is damaged in any way, don't try to fix it yourself. Have your instrument serviced regularly to keep it looking good and playing well.